amateur dramatics

amateur dramatics UK US noun [uncountable]
the production of plays by amateurs
Thesaurus: relating to theatre and actinghyponym

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  • amateur dramatics — (also infml am dram) n [U] the activity of people who perform plays, etc. as a hobby and not for money. It is very popular in Britain, where there are many amateur dramatics clubs for people to join, even in small towns and villages, and most… …   Universalium

  • amateur dramatics — noun (U) BrE the activity of producing or acting in plays by people who do it for pleasure and not as a job …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • amateur dramatics — UK / US noun [uncountable] the production of plays by amateurs …   English dictionary

  • Amateur theatre — is theatre which is not staged chiefly for financial benefit. Normally, previously published plays are staged, rather than new, unpublished work. This does depend on the progressiveness of the group to take on the challenge of new worksAmateur… …   Wikipedia

  • amateur dramatic — adj, Brit the local amateur dramatic society • • • Main Entry: ↑amateur dramatics …   Useful english dictionary

  • dramatics — [[t]drəmæ̱tɪks[/t]] 1) N UNCOUNT: usu with supp You use dramatics to refer to activities connected with the theatre and drama, such as acting in plays or producing them. Angela says she longs to join an amateur dramatics class. ...the university… …   English dictionary

  • dramatics — dra|mat|ics [drəˈmætıks] n [plural] behaviour that shows too much emotion, and is annoying or does not seem sincere ▪ Rex had no time for her dramatics, and left the room. →amateur dramatics at ↑amateur …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Amateur — An amateur is generally considered a person attached to a particular pursuit, study, or science, without formal training or pay. [ [ Wiktionary: Amateur] ] Conversely, an expert is generally considered a… …   Wikipedia

  • amateur — [[t]æ̱mətə(r), AM tʃɜːr[/t]] ♦♦♦ amateurs 1) N COUNT: oft N n An amateur is someone who does something as a hobby and not as a job. Jerry is an amateur who dances because he feels like it... Taylor began his playing career as an amateur… …   English dictionary

  • amateur — am|a|teur [ˈamətə, tʃuə, tʃə, ˌæməˈtə: US ˈæmətʃur, tər] n [Date: 1700 1800; : French; Origin: Latin amator lover , from amare to love ] 1.) someone who does an activity just for pleasure, not as their job ≠ ↑professional ▪ a gifted amateur ▪… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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